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30 Great History Research Paper Topics

To analyze and describe an event, one needs to know the location and period it happened. Therefore, History as a subject connects to the concept of time and space. It has to do with the "when" and "where” events occurred. 

You may find it challenging to choose a research topic because of the numerous exciting events caused by humans. To make it easier to find a good topic, answer these two questions: what period and geographical location do you want to study? Have your friends, relatives or acquaintances witnessed some important events?

Do not answer these questions based on the books you read or a recent movie you watched because most times, the actual events are not as exciting as what these books and documentaries tell us. If you are still willing to choose the topic that interests you, erase all foreknowledge gained from books and movies, study the period and historical occurrences and then, watch the film and reread the book to get the differences and similarities between them and the real event.

Irrespective of the topic you choose, analyze and describe the event tracing it back to 100years maximum. It will enable you to give your reader or audience the full picture of the situation, also providing room for thorough study.

Here are some research samples you can get ideas from in writing your research paper.  

Interesting History Research Paper Topics 

  1. The industrial revolution and its effect on your country
  2. The memorable speech of Martin Luther King
  3. The French Revolution. 
  4. The History of France's democracy
  5. The American Revolution and its impact on today's America
  6. The Vietnam War:  America before, during, and after.
  7. The rise and fall of the Weimar republic
  8. American diplomatic relations in the 21st century
  9. The cold war and its implications
  10.  The Nation of England and the Battle of Hastings 
  11.  The Holy Wars in History; an in-depth comparison
  12.  The criminalization of slavery and its impact on the globe
  13.  The Origins and Ideology of Communism
  14.  India as a British colony
  15.  Independence from Colonization
  16.  The life of the Ancient Romans
  17.  Hippie Culture: How has it affected society?
  18.  Formal education in the Medieval Period
  19.  Can the Japan Economic Boom Repeat Itself?
  20.  The Story of China's Development
  21.  Pirates and their Activities in the Caribbean
  22.  The Greatest Monarchs in the History of Egypt
  23.  Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece; Similarities and Differences
  24.  The American Colonization
  25.  16th Century Trading Routes
  26.  Uniqueness of Ancient Spartans
  27.  The Church and Politics in the Medieval Period
  28.  Propaganda in Modern and Ancient times
  29.  The changes in the economies of Europe after World War I
  30.  Sexual revolution: its causes and consequences