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What You Need to Know about Writing a Thesis Statement

In your preparation write various assignments, part of the things that you need to do is to form a thesis statement. This is a solid statement made based on your chosen topic and highlights the general viewpoint and direction that your paper will take. Therefore, you should make sure that there is enough research conducted to help you come up with a clear conclusive statement about your topic.

Thesis statements should be well-thought-out and valid based on credible research and study. You need to write this from a well-informed point of view to make it count and useful in the writing process. Here are important tips to know:

  1. Research on the wider area. A good thesis statement is usually written from a well-informed point of view. Therefore, look at the wide sense of your area of interest and draw ideas and information in that area. This approach will give you enough information to work with during the development of your thesis statement.
  2. Identify the study gap. With all the information that you have gathered, look at the gaps that exist from past research. These are important points that you will use to capture your thesis idea. They will provide you with a good background for the statement.
  3. Narrow down your idea. Be specific. A broad thesis statement lacks direction. Readers are not able to point to the direction that the paper is taking. Therefore, you should narrow your research to one specific item and develop your thesis statement around it.
    For instance, the impact of technology in education is more specific than the impact of technology in our world today. Being specific will help you develop a clear thesis statement to write your paper.
  4. State the significance of the topic. As you write your thesis statement, remember to show the significance of the topic. It will be a lot helpful if you can highlight your topic’s importance in your thesis statement. That will create interest among readers and give you proper ground for developing your final writing. It is something that the reader can identify with. 
  5. Highlight how you will achieve your objectives. A thesis statement should give a clear idea of how you will achieve your writing objectives. It should present measurable concepts that are attainable. Present logic to your readers. Don't present information and/or ideas that are not achievable.
    The clarity of a thesis statement is seen in the way your audience can relate to your topic. All this information is important for your success in developing a good statement. Readers should be able to see how you will achieve this by just reading the statement in your introductory section.

Final Thoughts

When writing a thesis statement, think about it as a summary of your paper in one statement. After reading it, your audience should tell how you will evolve through writing to achieve your writing goals and objectives. Make sure that you have enough information to guide you through the writing process. Writing from a well-informed point of view always wins.