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Topics for History Research Papers

History is one of the subjects that link strongly to space and time concepts. To examine events that one should know where and when it happened. When one knows the location and the period, one can determine the cultural contexts. Look for that event that happened a long time ago and examine the causes of happenings that you are learning. If you are struggling to select topics for history research papers (this is understandable), try and ask yourself these two following questions: what geographical location and period do I want to research about? You may have your references or friends, or you have elderly relatives who may have witnessed these facts.

When selecting your research topic, be careful when selecting topics from events that may have watched from a movie or maybe from a certain book that you read. History is usually glamourized beyond recognition. So if one is a big fan of a particular setting, studying real estate affairs during that period can turn into dream-crushing experiences.

If you still want to try, do not forget to avoid imagery that you may have read or seen in the past (except the imagery from relevant historical facts). One can also decide to study the historical events and periods first and watch the movies rather than reread them. As you are doing this, search for differences and similarities from real history.

Whatever topic that you choose remember to narrow the years to one hundred maximum. The nicest and best event that someone would love to analyze and describe are the events during the human’s lifespan. This kind of event is good enough to give the people reading your work a clear and complete picture. Despite the events allowing you to learn most things thoroughly, it will not put too much work on your audience.

Here are some of the topics that one can use when selecting his research topics for history:

  • Industrial revolution worldwide and in your home country.
  • How the speech of Martin Luther impacted people?
  • French revolution. How the principles of democracy were strongly initiated in France.
  • Vietnam War. The effects, causes, and the results and scars of the war.
  • Building the American society and the American Revolution.
  • The failure and creation of the Republic of Weimar.
  • The effects, causes of the cold war.
  • The role of the war of Hastings and how it affected the history of England.
  • How British colonialism affected the livelihood in India.
  • The creation of independent countries in Africa.
  • The Roman Empire.
  • The prominent queens of Egypt.
  • How was Sparta different from the other cities in ancient times?
  • The Jihads and the Crusades. Differences and similarities.
  • Education and monasteries in the middle ages
  • Colonization of the United States of America.
  • How sports were important in the past
  • Sexual revolution: consequences and causes.
  • Pope’s power during the middle ages.
  • History of disinformation and information in the past years to the current years
  • Change in the economy of Europe after the world war.
  • Development of China.
  • American discovery of Egypt.
  • Religion and gods in Egypt.
  • Architecture and housing in Egypt.
  • The society of ancient Egypt.


When choosing your research paper topic, one also needs to consider the complexity of the topic. Pick a topic that you have an idea about. And make it a fun experience.